Alabanza was awarded the artist in residency at the Tate Schools and Learning program for 2016/17. Part of the residency includes giving workshops in both the Tate Modern and Britain weekly to school groups ranging from 8 years old to 18. Alabanza delivered weekly workshops using performance, theatre and crafts to talk about Gender and Race, Playfulness, imagination and sounds.   As well as their residency at the Tate, Alabanza has extensive experience with youth engagement work, teaching for two summer’s at Breakthrough Teaching program in Boston, USA – where they created a course called ‘Art and Identity’ and taught two summer’s to 13-14 year old students of colour, using art to engage them in social and political issues.

Alabanza has also delivered workshops with the Hackney Showroom kids holiday camp, many universities, Gendered Intelligence and is available for requests both to create their own workshop, or to follow a brief.