The Other’d Artist is Alabanza’s first experience curating and will be showcased in Transmission gallery, Glasgow, Scotland in MAY – JUNE 2017. Stemming out of their previous solo performance in the gallery the previous year, and then a successful artist talk there, Alabanza realised that the need for a Black political space in glasgow was extremely important. Alabanza called out the whiteness of the previous art festival, and in turn was offered an exhibition space in Glasgow. Deciding that placing a non-Scottish Black artist to fill an exhibition space was not what they wanted, Alabanza curated the idea of ‘The Other’d Artist’ – an exhibition with over 20+ Black artists work in one space. Ranging from Film, Sculpture, Illustration, Text and performance, Alabanza placed a call out for black artists to respond to the idea of how they feel within institutions. This will be the first exhibition of its kind in Transmission.

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